Project Work $139.00

NEW  No Bids  

This is for the invoice given for the project already completed

Contracted Pardot Implementations $500.00

2 Bids  

Cheshire Impact completes a lot of Pardot Implementations and we are looking for sub-contractors to complete quickstart/Hands-On implementations. Each implementation is for a new Pardot installation, it will include two ...

Pardot Consultant (Contract) - Ongoing $60.00

Awarded  5 Bids  

This is a Pardot Technologist position with an agency that conducts Pardot Implementations, Marketing Automation Migrations to Pardot, Integrated Pardot to Salesforce work, Pardot Managed Services and Revenue Optimization Consulting. ...

PHP or front end Portal connected to Salesforce $85.00

Awarded  8 Bids  

We need someone to build a self-service portal for our partners/VARs to be able to purchase our SaaS products on behalf of their customers. This would be a front-end wizard ...

Donor History Application $2,500.00

Awarded  3 Bids  

Detail The application components should be embedded within a Visualforce page that can be displayed within a Salesforce Customer Community or embedded into Lighting Community Builder pages. The application will ...

Data masking system for Salesforce Sandboxes - Architectu... $500.00

Awarded  3 Bids  

The goal of the overall project is to provide an automated data masking system for Salesforce Sandboxes. This system will perform the masking of several fields and objects when creating a new ...

Tax Program Updates - Development $1,500.00

Awarded  1 Bid  

Program Relationships is a Custom Object and has many record types, one of which is Tax.   It would be ideal if the user could also define the columns shown ...

Visualforce Edits for SF NPSP and Volunteers for Salesforce $2,000.00

Awarded  13 Bids  

We are looking for some customizations through Visualforce for a Volutneers for Salesforce group check in page. A full description including images can be found at Some details: ·        A ...

Development to create lead from body of email $1,000.00

Awarded  12 Bids  

We have a development which was made to read an email that comes in to Salesforce, and parses out information to create a new lead in the system.  The email ...

Setting up closed/won transition workflow for small consu... $2,000.00

Awarded  20 Bids  

We are seeking and independing consultant to help us with the creation of workflows. These workflows are around the set of tasks that need to happen when a prospective ...

Custom development needed $2,000.00

Awarded  10 Bids  

Trigger need #1: We need to be able to batch create a set of "1 On 1" Object records (1 on 1 is a custom object) all at one time ...

Custom Development - Unique IDs $2,500.00

Awarded  6 Bids  

  We need to enable the generation of unique member-identifying IDs that can be readable and printed on jewelry and other assets for customers/constituents. Member ID Creation •             New member ...

3 Custom Triggers needed $1,000.00

Awarded  21 Bids  

Create three triggers for automating fee waiver management and test score management.  The purposes of the triggers are as follows: Trigger 1: When an Opportunity with Record Type = Membership ...

CRM Market Strategy Engagement $3,000.00

Awarded  1 Bid  

  Strategy engagement to help move CRM Market to the next phase

Constituent Interests - Lightning Experience $900.00

Awarded  9 Bids  

Interest Selection Component: Need a component that quickly allows a user to assign one or more ‘interests’ to a Contact or Household (or other type of Account). * The Interest ...

VF Page and Apex recreation $6,000.00

Awarded  1 Bid  

The need for this development project is to recreate a set of Visualforce pages and Apex triggers and classes from a Salesforce instance with the NGO Connect package to a ...

Reports and dashboards for humanitarian response $281.00

Awarded  1 Bid  

We require reports and dashboard which enable our Start Fund team to have quick and easy access to data to crises around the world, which the Start Fund has responded ...

Update for Follow up project: Set up Multipass authentica... $570.00

Awarded  1 Bid  

Additional project work to set up private access for using Account Contacts in Salesforce to validate against to control who is able to login.