Published on 8-02-2016

Image for CRM Market Announces Salesforce Reputation


CRM Market (, the online trusted community marketplace that connects the top Salesforce talent with projects and jobs, has announced a new way to evaluate Salesforce talent.

Reputation is a rough measurement of an individual's Salesforce knowledge and consulting experience; it is earned by Salesforce certifications, Trailhead points, completed successful projects, and tenure in the Salesforce ecosystem. Creating or bidding on projects and jobs does not require an individual to have reputation, but the more reputation you earn, the more likely you are to be selected for a project or job.

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You gain reputation by:

  • Maintaining your Salesforce certification(s) year-over-year
  • Obtaining additional Salesforce certifications
  • Completing Trailhead modules
  • Receiving customer reviews on CRM Market

“Building and maintaining a high reputation will help outstanding Salesforce consultants and agencies grow their businesses and become even more successful in the CRM Market ecosystem. As you earn CRM Market reputation, you’ll be recognized through a badge on your profile and the top talent will be featured on our website,” said Tal Frankfurt, CRM Market Founder/CEO and a Salesforce MVP.

The addition of Salesforce Reputation to the CRM Market ecosystem will entice existing companies and organizations to continue adding projects to the site. One company, RISC Networks, engaged with CRM Market to accelerate an integration of their IT HealthCheck product with "We were quickly able to launch the project and received several quality responses within the first two days. The level of expertise of the consultants on CRM Market was the most impressive aspect," stated Jeremy Littlejohn, CEO of RISC Networks.

All users with Salesforce certifications or Trailhead points will automatically gain reputation points 24 hours after they sign up on CRM Market. The scores are automatically calculated based on the aforementioned criteria. “We don’t affect your reputation, your actions do,” added Frankfurt. Deploying this advanced scoring system will give consultants the opportunity to be rewarded for their work ethic and efforts, as they interact with customers who are utilizing CRM Market.