Published on 9-09-2015

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First Name: Sharif

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How long have you been a Salesforce user/ consultant?
9 Years. A Salesforce implementation requires the right balance of technical architecture, business processes, and change management. I started my career in sales and was always a top seller. This provided me the foundation to know how to meet the needs of the end user. I transitioned to sales training role and got an even deeper perspective into the needs of a sales person. I later became a global sales operations manager and successfully created and led sales teams across the globe. This experience allowed me to learn the key elements of process building and KPI analytics. This progression led me to become a Salesforce Admin where I took a hands-on approach to learn the system. I completed my my admin certification in 2009.

In 2010, I formed Agile Cloud Consulting LLC and used all of my practical experience to help organizations tailor to meet their needs. I set up successful implementations for sales, support, higher ed, and nonprofit organizations around the world. Along the way I completed my advanced admin, developer, service cloud consultant and sales cloud consultant certifications.

Using the Agile Scrum development framework, I have helped and continue to help organizations of all sizes and verticals realize the full potential of the Salesforce platform.

What do you like the most about Salesforce?
Lightning! I am very excited about the new UI and the component based architecture of the new Salesforce!

Are you certified?
I have 5 certifications and am a 3 time Salesforce MVP. In the beginning of my Salesforce career, I visited the community daily to search for answers. I never posted a question because someone, somewhere, had already asked the question I needed answered! After sharpening my Salesforce skills, I started giving back to the community by answering questions and became a Salesforce MVP in 2013. I love that the community shines a light on the many different ways available to solve a problem.

Why did you join CRM Market?
I wanted to add another avenue to extend my expertise and knowledge to those who need it in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Any advice for customers/ consultants who create projects on the market?
Make sure you know the business problem you are trying to solve with a technology solution, prior to starting the project!