Published on 11-24-2015

Image for Be Selective!

We are happy to introduce a new and exciting CRM Market feature: Selective Projects!

What is a Selective Project?

Selective Projects are projects where the project owner can invite specific consultants to place bids. These projects are still publicly listed in the marketplace but not all consultants have access to bid on a Selective Project.

How do I mark a project as a Selective Project?

On the project page there is now a checkbox to mark the project as a Selective Project. Just check the box (see below)!


What are the use cases for a Selective Project?

Below are a few reasons that it may be beneficial to create a Selective Project:

  • Need expertise in a particular area? Only invite consultants that you choose to work with on a particular project. For example, you need someone who is an expert in Salesforce reports or maybe you need an excellent trainer. Our system allows you to search the consultant database and only invite the best and most experienced to bid on your project.


  • Follow Up Project - You have already completed a project and now are ready to submit a follow up project on CRM Market. This time, you prefer not to open the bidding process to just anyone, only to those consultants that you worked with previously. You now have the ability to only invite them to bid on your project.

  • Change Orders - Did you and/or your consultant underestimate the scope of the project? Need to make changes to this project? Allow more time for completion? Adjust the deliverables? With the creation of Selective Projects, you can invite only the current consultant to bid on the updated project.


How do I know how many consultants are invited to my project?

After the project is created, detailed information about the consultants invited to the project will be displayed. Additional consultants can be invited to refine the selection.


I am a consultant, how will I know if a project is Selective?

If a consultant is invited to bid on a project, he/she will receive an email notification about the project and and the invitation can be seen in the consultant dashboard.

Selective projects are marked with alt-text next to the project name.